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Fruit…Good or Bad?

The answer is both. I’m not, by any means, an expert in what’s healthy and what’s not but I discovered this weekend that fruits are not great if you are watching carbs and sugars. Nearly 9 months ago I started weight watchers. It’s been going well but not as well as I feel it should be. I’ve been stuck at -35lb for a few weeks now. I am far from my goal. I found out that the massive amount of fruit I have been eating has been a hindrance for me. 1 banana has 19grams of carbs. I would eat at least one a day. Add that to other fruits and there lies my problem. So I decided to try another eating plan. Since I have a problem with A1c I decided that what I was doing wasn’t beneficial for me. So I started Atkins. Eventually, I will be able to add some fruits back into my diet.

I’ll let you know how things are going soon.